Way of Working

During the intake interview you and your housing wishes are the starting point. To be able to make a fitting interior design plan, it is important that we get to know you, the use of the spaces and map your preferences. Your home must be functionally and practically furnished, but it must also be appealing & attractive. A house tells something about the residents!

Based on the information that is collected during the intake interview, you will receive a detailed offer. This offer specifies completely what we are going to work out for you, which atmosphere will be created and the purpose of the design. This includes an overview of all handmade drawings and collages that go with the design. Subsequently, the design costs and our payment conditions. Before the design process, you know what you are paying: no hour specifications or surprises afterwards!

By default we assume 4 to 6 weeks between the intake interview and the final presentation. This period can possibly be adjusted in consultation. Various presentation moments will be agreed for (renovation) processes in order to be able to phase the process in a well-organized manner.

The design is fully explained during the presentation. We will go through the design planon the basis of the aforementioned drawings & mood boards and explain the choices made. You will receive all drawings, collages and a specified list of materials afterwards. The design presentation is the conclusion of the design process and the assignment. You are completely free to do what you want with the advice. If you decide to implement the advice, or parts thereof, we can of course also deliver and plan everything. We can also take care of the entire project management of construction and renovations.