Interior Boutique

A space that inspires you, changes your mind and allows you to look creatively at your own home; a studio where something always happens and changes, is constantly moving and activates you as a visitor. This is how we see the furniture store; as a large studio where you as a visitor are immersed in the colorful world of interior design.

No ‘showroom’ where everything is styled perfectly, everything fits and matches. We change a lot and our shop windows excite every passer-by. It is not without reason that we won the award for Best Display in Leiden in 2014! From very basic to extreme and extravagant; you will find it all with us. The young team sets the bar high and is always looking for new brands and special items to put together a special collection for the home store.

To complete and style the interior, we also have many cushions, plaids and home accessories from various brands. Great gifts for yourself or for someone else!

Come in and be inspired!

Check the contact page for opening hours.

Please check out our Dutch part of the website for more details and inspiration on type of items and the different brands!